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SDR Elektor 2007-2009


SDR Navigator for SDR Elektor 05/2007


 I started this project in 2007 when I bought my first SDR Kit from a project appeared on the German magazine Elektor 05/2007. The article was written by Burkhard Kainka and described a simple and cheaper SDR Receiver in kit.

This was the beginning of my SDR Experience and the birth of my SDR_Navigator. The Software was derived from a release of Gert Jan Kruizinga gjk4all which I redesigned and extended with some new functionalities.
Alberto I2PHD kindly agreed to implement them in Winrad (thanks Alberto!).

Module extentions

In the effort to make the SDR Elektor HW more effective I extended the inital HW with some new modules:

- HF Attenuator
- HF Amplifier
- 1.5-30Mhz Bandpass Filter
- HF Automatic Preselector

These experiments are not described here, but I plan to migrate my experience in the new SDR_Navigator and document it.

These new HW Modules were controlled by the SDR Elektor Board via its I2C bus and I extended my original DLL to support this new functionalities.


Here you find the last published .dll release.
For the installation follow the same advices as for the new SDR_Navigator.
Download the .zip file: SDR Elektor V09 Rev 24 Final
At the moment this development has phased out and I'm not providing any extentions more (I've sold my SDR Elektor HW..). 


Elektor SDR Kit: www.elektor.com/magazines/2007/may/software-defined-radio.91527.lynk

Article author B. Kainka Web Site :

First rel. DLL by Gert Jan Kruizinga :

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Andrea HB9FBD

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