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SDR Navigator 2009-2011


SDR Navigator

for Winrad/WinradHD/WRplus

At the moment I'm working to the SDR-Navigator, a DLL extention to Alberto I2PHD Winrad Program (http://www.weaksignals.com).


The SDR Navigator is a program which works as a layer between Winrad and your EXT I/O HW DLL (Softrock, PMSDR, Elektor SDR,..). Ideally it works with any hardware provided with a Winrad DLL.
The SDR Navigator gives the user some useful functionalities to quick navigate with Winrad.


  • 3 January 2011 - New:
    1. Eliminated some small bugs to the Omnirig functionality

  • HF HAM BAND and Broadcast BAND buttons. 2 bands buttons are user definable
  • Buttons move UP/DOWN frequency of 50Khz,100Khz and 1Mhz
  • 16 predefined filters (4 are user free definable)
  • 4 VFOs
  • Stack memories for each VFO. The number can be defined by the user in the .ini file
  • Both I/Q datastream from Soundcard/USB (like Perseus) are supported
  • Frequency Database Support. Hfcc and Eibi HF Frequency Databases. A Personal Database (read-write) is also supported. The user can choice (between UTC-GMT or Local time) which PC Time to use with the DB data. The links to the last DB version are shown at the end of this page
  • Memory function implemented via personal database
  • Tune can be "fixed" centered in the screen
  • R(T)X Synchronization via OmniRig Server (www.dxatlas.com/OmniRig/) with over 60 different receivers and transcerivers
  • Direct support to knob TMATE. Neither VSPE nor com0com (3rd. Party Software) are more needed and compatibility with 64bits OS has been increased



    • 03.01.2011 Eliminated some small bugs to the Omnirig functionality
    • 28.11.2010 Released minor release with new UTC/Local Time for Station Database and new Database for 2011 
    • 16.10.2010 Released minor release with WRplus support, UTC/Local Time for Station Database and TMate .dll direct support 
    • 29.08.2010 Released minor release with some XP improvements, integrates Midas support for Database (could be requested by some machines) 
    • 27.08.2010 To Tom KF5HHF for testing with RFSpace SDR-IQ
    • 25.08.2010 To Hidehiko JA9MAT  for XP and parameters feedbacks

OS supported

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32bits/64bits)
  • Windows XP (32bits)

Winrads tested

Hardware supported

  • RX Perseus (supported)
  • RX Softrock 9.0 (supported)
  • RFSpace SDR-14/SDR-IQ (tested but not supported) 


1. Winrad and SDR Navigator opened with the TMATE



2. The "Receiver" (Main) Tabsheet of the SDR Navigator


3. The "Tool" Tabsheet of the SDR Navigator



Download and Installation


Download the .zip file

Latest version (updated on 25 Dec. 2011 with new Eibi-Hfcc DB):

This ZIP contains the following files:

  • ExtIO_SDR_Navigator.dll -> the dll for Winrad and WinradHD
  • ExtIO_SDR_Navigator.ini -> the ini file
  • ELAD_Encoder.dll -> the dll to communicate to the TMate
  • eibi.txt -> the eibi database
  • hfcc.txt and broadcas.txt -> the hfcc database
  • personal.txt -> the personal database
  • A tutorial pdf file

Important notes to remember:

1. All the files (except. the tutorial) MUST BE PLACED IN THE SAME WINRAD/WINRADHD/WRplus DIRECTORY with your EXT I/O .DLL for Winrad (supplied with your HW SDR).

2. The first time you install this software you have to configure in the "ExtIO_SDR_Navigator.ini" your HW DLL.
For the Softrock you put :"EXTIODLLNAME=ExtIO_Si570.dll".
Insert also the minimal and maximal HW frequencies values (for instance MINFREQ=1500000 and MAXFREQ=30000000).

3. Advice:
- Keep a copy of your configured "ExtIO_SDR_Navigator.ini" in the same directory.

- Unselelect all the options in the LogTracer panel. They should used only by debug operation. Otherway this could sometimes freeze the panel.

- OmniRig RTX Control with TMATE, both activated, is not permitted.


Run the Winrad/WinradHD/WRPLUS application and selects "ExtIO_SDR_Navigator.dll". In WRplus (but not in the Winrad/WinradHD) select your EXT I/O HW DLL (for instance "Si570.dll" for Softrock) and then press "Start".
Hide/Unhide of the SDR Navigator Panel is done via the "H" key (Winrad functionality).

Winrad by Alberto I2PHD:
WinradHD by DG0JBJ:



Winrad Org by WA6KBL: http://www.winrad.org/
WinradDLL for SDR Elektor 2007:
WinradDLL for SoftRock:
OmniRig Server: http://www.dxatlas.com/OmniRig/
HFCC Database site: http://www.hfcc.org/
Eibi Database site:
Eterlogic VSPE: http://www.eterlogic.com/Products.VSPE.html
Null-modem emulator (com0com):

I hope you'll enjoy it.
Andrea HB9FBD





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