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This section introduces my project activities.

I've started my activity in Software Defined Radio (SDR) in 2007. SDR is a new way to conceive the radio world and this independently from people opinion.
This kind of making radio has grown, is growing, will grow and evolve in the next years. Software Defined Radio finds also large application and development in wireless world as WiFi,..
I'm not describing all the pro and contra of SDR, but I find very interesting having an optimized and small hardware working with an evolved and dinamic software. If you still like knobs and small display maybe this is not for you, but I believe soon we will also have some "aged" hardware interfacing your SDR.
In fact, technically is already possible today.
A question is still open: "Why Winrad"?
The most correct answer is: "For many reasons".
Do not forget in 2007 SDR was not so evoluted and distributed as today. Winrad offered an opened and documented choice for extention.  
With its software dll interface, theoretically the user could interface any hardware, if a dll for Winrad is present.
There is a second reason, very appreciated by many users. Winrad has a good Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its algorytmus are well tuned. Still today many users claim Winrad has unsurpassed data-voice quality treatment.
Personally I cannot say which is best, but for sure this is one of the best. Since its free code distribution in 2009, some new creatures have been released, but as far I know they only offer frontend gadgets.
The following milestones were the main steps of my SDR Navigator:
    • Extention of the original Winrad dll with a basic Navigator utility for the Elektor SDR Board
    • Built a SDR RX Softrock, upgraded and extended the SDR Navigator functionality
    • Update the SDR Navigator as HW independent DLL
    • Release a version for the HW Softrock and Perseus, both for Winrad and WinradHD distribution
In the following pages you'll find more details on these projects.

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