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Welcome ! 


The idea behind these pages is to share my experience in the Amateur Radio World.
Since I've beeing a licensed HAM (1986), I've shown more interest to the technical part than to the contesting side of this hobby, although I like much meeting, discussing and sharing knowledge. 
In my professional and interest life path, I started from the electronic world and after passing to the computer science planet, I've landed later into the telecommunication branch where I am working.
In telecommunication we experience today a convergence, built of a mix of technologies (computer science with telecommunication) and life communication.

This convergence grows on different layers every day.
On the technical layer data, voice and video data coexist and are exchanged on the same media independend if on fiber, copper or wireless.
On the communication or social layer, we discover daily an increased need of finding and exchanging information across the net and the world.

But every evolution hides also a small involution and it's the choice of each individual to decide what scope an innovation has.
I'm persuaded this is one of the most important defy our life.

In the next Web pages I've inserted some projects I developped in the last years.
I'm happy to share them with you in the hope you will find them useful and maybe improve them.
You are also encouraged to write a feedback in the Forum section.

At this point, I can only say: "Enjoy"!
Andrea HB9FBD


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